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I was born in Holland- Amsterdam to be exact and raised to love and respect all animals. During my childhood I had but one dream.That dream was that one day I could welcome a Saint Bernard in to my life.But living in a small 3rd floor apartment this was a wish that had to be put on hold as it would be to cruel to confine such a large dog in to a small apartment so I did the next best thing and spend my free time walking other people's dogs (and kids) and in school holidays to work in the zoo, and dogs homes, I met my Husband who was from Western Australia in 1963 and we got married in 1965 and decided to move to Western Australia were I was promised I could have as many creatures as I wanted. So as soon as we arrived I kept my Husband to this promise we adopted Horses, chickens Peacocks,cats Dogs all strays and our favorite pet Wilbur the Pig who (incidentally) my Daughter and I saved from the Axe at the slaughter house were we went to rescue a Horse the piglet was very was ill and a runt Wilbur did not stay a runt for long he grew in to the biggest and most wonderful watch dog/ Pet that I could wish for.We than had two children a Boy a sports fan and a Girl a animal lover like myself. When my Daughter was 15 it was time to gang up on my Husband to get our Saint Bernard (my daughter was another Saint fan, she used to visit some Saint living not far from us) so she and I went hunting for a puppy .That is how our first Saint came in to our lives Ch Sylvenus Plain Beauty was a lovely bundle of fluff who started me off in what is to be shown in the pages to follow.Our Daughter passed away in 1995 at the age of 25 she also has two Saints with her to keep her company her spirit lives on in our Saints and in her Daughter (our Grand Daughter)who is as keen with the dogs and wants to become a vet. We do not bring new Saint Babes in to the world to often but when we do or have a win at the show I say this is for you Shirley!!

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